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Later round steal


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Clarrett? I doubt and teams are going to even want to touch him. He hasn't played in what over a year and when he did play he had a bad attitude. The Vikings didn't want arguable one of the best recievers in the league because of his attitude. You really think that anyone is going to wat to put up with Clarrett's?. Just my opinion though what do I know.

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Clarrett = low risk, high reward player after round 3. Personally I wouldn't touch the guy unless you have a situation where he can compete for a starting position because otherwise he'll be a problem....that's if he doesn't get a new injury every week and is happy just collecting checks - something he apparently aspired to do from the time he left high school.

Could be the NFL's version of Steve Logan in this year's class and hold out no matter what round he's taken though.

I can see his agent now: "Maurice would've been a 1st rounder had he not been held out unjustifiably by the NFL the year before so he deserves first round money even though you drafted him in the 5th!"

Ugh, no thanks Maurice.

P.S. - I have a feeling Cleveland will take him :)

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