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Pick Your Playoff Winners

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Here it comes...the games finally that determine who goes to the Superbowl!

Just like last week you can pick the winners and the score, or just the winners!

Seeing how last week all home teams won, I'm going with the road teams this week.

Saturdays NFC Championship Game. Since Indy choked again, I think so too will Philly!

Atlanta 28 - Philly 17

Sundays AFC Championship game. Big Bens "rookieness" was evident against the Jets. New England is going to take that to a whole new level. Blowout ahead!

New England 42 - Pittsburgh 14

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;) With a little help from my friends .... I've finally found the right place to post for the picks.

Anyway .. like I've said at other spots on the board. ........ Steelers 28 to 10 over the Pats. The first time wasn't a fluke.

Eagles 24 to 14 over Vick. He really is all the Falcons have, and the Eagles have a whole team .... even without whatsisname.

Home field advantage is a mighty thing indeed B)

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Home field advantage is a mighty thing indeed B)

Wow! We have two former Marines disagreeing on this weeks games. You saw it here first folks! :lol:

Just having some fun...Semper Fi bro!

:lol::lol: Ask two Marines most anything and you'll get two different opinions. Ask a third one to get a tie breaker, and he'll say something different from the first two ... and all three of them will argue about it.

We're good. Hell if it weren't for you ... I probably still wouldn't have found the thread anyway. ;)

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Patriots 27

Steelers 13

Steelers offense should take a lot of licks this time around. Eugene Wilson will at some point knock Plaxico Burress for a loop and Rodney Harrison will tee off on The Bus. Big Ben is going to get pressure like he hasn't seen since the Bengals smothered him at PBS.

After facing Dwight Freeney, the Pats LT should be able to handle Porter w/ one arm behind his back. For every zone blitz, Bellichick and Weis will have an answer and the Steelers LBs and DBs will get criss-crossed all game by the Pats WRs.

Eagles 20

Falcons 17

Too much Dorsey Levens :lol:

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So that's all the people we have here with enough cajones to stand brave and tall in making a prediction of the winners of this weekends games? C'mon folks!! This ain't about money, there is no "office pool" to take to the bank should you win! It's far more important than prestige or money. It's about the chance to unseat our current "winner" and self proclaimed "King of the World" jditty. What more incentive to ya' need for crissakes! :rolleyes::lol:

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ill take my crown into the superbowl!

6-0 last 2 weeks, 7-3 overall.

So much for patience! <_< God! :rolleyes:

Here's the results:

(like you haven't heard this one yet! :P ) Jditty: 2-0 and still the overall leader as well as King of his World! :rolleyes:

bengalboomer7: 2-0. Good show my man, but you too are chasing jditty.

schweinhart: 2-0. Impressive predictions indeed!

ArmyBengalFan: 2-0. Good showing for you too my brother in arms! This Marine salutes you!

billybroome: 1-1. I split last week, I split this week. I ought to just split from trying to make predictions. At least I predicted Pittsburgh being blown out correctly!

redsfan2: 1-1. Even though we two Marines picked differently, we ultimately ended up sitting together. I'm good with that!

San Antonio Bengal: 1-1. You didn't do quite as well this weekend as last.

redsfan33: 1-1. Well at least you were a part of the largest group too, eh?

blurple thunder: 1-1. True about Miami beating the Pats, but history doesn't always seem to bear much weight on the present. Thanks for participating here with us though!

JoiseyCat: 0-2. You may as well console yourself with a 12 pack of MGD! Call me if you need help drinking it Dave!

Thanks for playing one and all! If I was in error on anyones predictions here, just correct my dumb ass! B)

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