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66 year old woman gives birth


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Damn, Billy, this just wasn't right....haha

I'm not going to be able to slepp tonight after reading this...YUCK, YUCK!!!

I didn't even read it.

It's bad enough to envision it.

I bet even the gynecologist was disgusted by that one.

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Ever been to the craggy caves in Cheddar? Well, that's what her goit must be like.

At least when she drops her tits out of her bra it pulls the wrinkles out of her face.

I wonder if the gynaecologist came across the tattoo on her fanny that said "Best Before 1970"

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Isn't anyone else really concerned about this? The doctors treating her have an ethical responsibility to uphold and they failed. There's good reason why women go through the menopause and giving birth at 66 is potentially harmful for the child as seen by the two other triplets dying. Then consider the childs upbringing. I don't care how healthy she is or how many years she has left in her. I used to run rings around my grandmother as a kid.

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When IVF is used there's often multiple foetuses involved some of which never make it. Occassionally the doctors will, as the pregnancy progresses, terminate one or more of the foetuses to give the remainder a better chance of survival.

There was a case in Britain a few years back when a woman (Mandy Allwood) had IVF treatment and was carrying octuplets. Against the advice of doctors she refused to have any of them terminated with the result taht all 8 died.

I think the question is should IVF be allowed or should certain people just get used to the fact that they can't conceive?

In the case of granny here is she likely to see the child reach teenage years? Will the child be picked on/bullied at school for having such an old mother? Can such an old parent give the child the the requiste active life? Who picks up the tab for child care if granny turns up her toes in the next ten years?

In Mandy Allwoods case she was already a mother and was just using the system/publicity for her own egosticical ends, in my opinion.

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