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Ken Caminiti Dies


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Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Ken Caminiti, the 1996 National League MVP who admitted using steroids during his major league career, has died at age 41.

Caminiti died of a heart attack in the Bronx, said his agent-lawyer Rick Licht. The city medical examiner's office said an autopsy would be performed Monday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said. 

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Sorry to hear that. I liked him as a player. I wonder if they'll investigate the possibility of steroids contributing to it, or will they even have to? I mean there's not alot of 41 year olds are keeling over from heart attacks!

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steroids + cocaine = Dead

That sucks. Someone please tell me baseball doesn't have a problem.

No more than Hockey, Football, or Basketball. All three get a free pass for having a weak, show-face policy in place to get the media off their backs and thus not have to worry about it. How many stories have we all heard the Trail-Blazers (dude!) smoke pot right before game time? And there's no way I believe there are more MLB players doing 'roids than NFL players.

Baseball's only problem is the Union's unwillingness to adapt to benefit players both in public image and the well-being of players.

Now Caminiti's autopsy results won't get released until late next week, so 'roids and cocaine could have nothing to do with it, so let's not assume things just yet. While I'm more to side with you guys that drugs were a result, I live in a family of heart disease and have had clean healthy family members die at a very young age from a heart attack.

In closing, The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 was passed by Congress a day after Caminiti's death.

What it does is:

Under the act, steroid precursors and substances such as androstenedione and 19-norandrosterone are added to the list of anabolic steroids classified as Schedule III controlled substances and subsequently banned by Major League Baseball. A steroid precursor produces testosterone when metabolized in the body.


"This will allow us to test for steroid precursors, just as we are currently testing for steroids, as part of our regular testing,"

So steps are taking place. The Union's immense and ridiculous control over MLB is what's causing this to be slower than a snail pace in the 100 meter dash.

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