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Madieu Gets Some Props


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Happened across this today in Pete Prisco's Q1 of the NFL season review:

Best Defensive Rookie: Madieu Williams, S, Bengals. The first-year pro has more solo tackles (30) than any player. Williams is fourth in the league in total tackles with 35 and also has two passes defensed. Runners-up: Erik Coleman, S, Jets; Daryl Smith, LB, Jaguars; Igor Olshansky, DT, Chargers.


Just to toot my own horn I was the first around these parts to single out Olshansky as a good prospect, too...sigh...another fish that got away...

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Yeah nice to see a draft pick give some returns early for once, he's all over the field every week.

Now just put him back at safety and leave him there since Beckett may be out long term. He has too much range to be wasted at CB. Let Ratliff take his lumps too and put him in the nickel.

Would be nice to see more Landon Johnson, Askew if he comes back, and Geathers also. They have to start replacing people and the more rotating during games the better.

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