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1st Quarter Super Bowl Predictions, AFC


Who wants it more in the AFC???  

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  1. 1. Who wants it more in the AFC???

    • New England Patriots
    • NY Jets
    • Pittsburgh Squeelers
    • Indy Colts
    • Jax Jags
    • Denver Broncos
    • Other

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Of course I'm going to do AFC too!!! Once again--barring major injuries, I'm going with New England. They are the most complete team in the AFC.

Tom Brady has them winning games with confidence, Leon looks good when he gets the ball, and the defense is playing good. Adam Venetari can hit anything under pressure.

My hat goes off to the Kraft Family and their fantastic front office. As a Bungles Fan, I'm completely jealous.

Like I stated before, there's lots of games left. Anything can happen.


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I say with NEW ENGLANDS weaker divison. .(buffalo, miami), and INDYS tough div. I say it will take a toll on DA COLTS,and will hurt them on getting home field advantage for playoffs. And we know how good the PATS are at home. :unsure:

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Patriots for me.

Good all round team, weaker division, home field advantage and having "been there, seen it, done it" I think the experience they have will be enough.

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With Indy's Defense???

True, their "D" is rated even worse than the Bengals!! You probably didn't think that was possible did you? Plus, as is the case with Philly, Manning and Indy's offense have been known to choke. Not for as long as Philly has mind you, but give Peyton a few more appearances in league Championship games. I wouldn't be surprised to see Peyton and Donavan will have more chokes between them than you'll find in the outtakes of your standard XXX "deep throat" flick! :lol:

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