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Simmons and O'Neal out


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Simmons, O'Neal out

9-12-04, 11:35 p.m.


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. _ The Bengals turned to two rookies Sunday to replace injured defensive starters Brian Simmons at weak-side linebacker and Deltha O’Neal at left cornerback after they were put on the inactive list.

A pair of first-day draft picks get a taste of the NFL in a hurry in Sunday’s regular-season opener here against the Jets, although second-rounder Madieu Williams is making his fourth straight start in place of O’Neal after O’Neal injured his ankle in the Aug. 14 pre-season opener in Tampa.

Third-rounder Caleb Miller gets the start in place of Simmons after the seven-year starter had arthroscopic knee surgery 13 days ago. Fellow third-rounder Landon Johnson is also expected to play in that spot. The club’s first-round draft pick, backup running back Chris Perry, is inactive with a hamstring injury.

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Well, let's hope these young guns can rise to the occassion.

Williams & Miller have had good reviews from training camp/pre-season. Can't say I've seen too much about Johnson but I could easily have missed some reports.

Still, we go with what we've got and let's hope it's enough.

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I think Johnson will be a better player than Miller in the long run (if he can keep his shoulder in it's socket).

Starting a rookie like Madieu at strong side CB is not good.

If this defense holds the Jets to less than 24 points I'll be impressed.

That said I'm all for getting the young guys in there because the vets on defense haven't done squat here.

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I heard O'Neal had the audacity to be mad at M. Williams for him getting the start. ;) Uhm, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he out for the last 3 pre-season games with an ankle injury? He wasn't even practicing, was he? :blink:

Anyway, good luck to the rookies, I hope they make a good transition....

15 minutes away from kickoff.....crack those beers open fellas, and let's get ready!

Who-Dey! :player:

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Beers, bengals and Ball games - what else could a guy ask for on a Sunday, .... apart from a BJ that is!

Have a good one fellas...9 months of waiting has come to an end.

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The Jets are starting 3 rookie defensive backs which could be a bonus to Palmer as they will be making "rookie mistakes" aswell.

I think there's more pressure on the rookie DB's of the Jets as they're the home team.

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