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Big Willie interview


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I'd say he was probably nervous recording the interview on camera versus where he would normally be sitting privately, asking questions and taking notes for an article he was going to create from it later as writers usually do.

I wasn't aware he did ANY on camera stuff!

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Yikes, did Hobson run over y'alls dogs or something?

He does really nice work, and without .com, the coverage on the Bengals would be lacking.

By no means! He's an excellent writer for Bengals.com. The key word in that sentence being writer. He is far from being polished in front of the camera. Not that I could do any better.

Another thing about the Bengals official website. Granted, the articles are good and informative, BUT...it is soooo 1998 in looks and feel, it's embarrassing! Just take a trip around the 'net to any of the other teams sites, and you will not find any more dated than ours!

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