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Mahomes - AFC Champ take - Played not to lose


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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes learned a valuable lesson in the second half of the AFC Championship Game loss to the Bengals: Sometimes when you play not to lose, that makes you lose.

Mahomes told Kevin Clark of TheRinger.com that after jumping out to a big early lead, the Chiefs became so focused on playing it safe that they stopped doing the things that had brought them to that point.

Eh, maybe but I'm going to call Bullshit on this one.     I think they made a bad mistake end of the first not taking the 3 points and ending up with zero.   I think that was on the QB as much as the play caller if I recall.

2nd the Chiefs certainly are an AFC top team but in the playoffs they consistently played with fire last year and seasons before.   I think they just got too cocky thinking eventually the schemes they could not figure out they eventually would out run the lack of decision.

Anyway with the late season 2nd half in Cincy and then an almost exact repeat in KC, I don't think so.   Hopefully they will continue not to adjust and place hopes on top end speed and fancy no look throws to bail them out.     I chalk this up to similar to Fouts talking about the extreme cold as the reason they lost; ignoring the Bengals beat them in San Diego earlier that year.


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