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Caleb Miller


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I'd like to get everyone's thoughts on Caleb Miller after watching the first two preseason games. He has led the team in tackles both games, has three passes defensed, one interception and a forced fumble (and yes I realize he has been playing against 2nd stringers). It just seems like he is always around the ball. Hopefully he is able to put on another 10 pounds over muscle over the next year and not lose any speed.

I am very impressed with him.

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First time I've ever seen him play, hard to make any judgements til he starts playing against 1st stringers, if he does. I saw him catching up to a lot of people and making tackles in the flat a lot, but never saw him make a nice solo tackle at the line or stop someone cold or manuever through traffic against the run.

He also looks like Frodo Baggins.

But I thought he and Madeiu would turn out to be good picks over the others, including Perry who hasn't been all the impressive so far IMO, I can't imagine Perry being anything more than another Eric Ball or Tyrone Wheatley.

Thank God Rudi's still chugging along making people take notice still. He's one of the most exciting RB's to come along in some time, anywhere.

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