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Tale of the Tape - Browns Buffet


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At this point you guys should know I don't know what I'm talking about.   I think the clear weaknesses through 7 have been identified.     I will jump around like an all you can eat buffet and try to give some insight.

The new whipping Boy, CED -  Impressive run blocking.   Had a great seal after tossing his man inside on Gio's TD.   A few other nice double then second level blocks.   Pass pro continues to be WEAK.   He was in all 3 sacks from my perspective.   I will blame Dalton on 1.    Ced on the other two.   Just gives up ground too quickly and that makes Andy a nervous boy.

The old whipping Boy, Jethro Bodine -  Not putting him up for world's best Center.  Not suggesting he get his own Center award like Dave Remington. Not suggesting Pro Bowl.  He's become average/solid.  Nothing more or less.   On a Hill carry that eventually gets removed due AJ Green penalty he blocks his man for what it seemed 10 yards down the field.   I still say Bengal fans are way too obsessive over the Center position.  So many plays are non-factors.   He's either helping in pass pro or wandering up to get a piece of back side second level blocks.    

Z - Great day.   A lot of crushing blocks. 

Pretty much a huge day for the line all the way around.  Except for Ced's pass pro struggles.

Dunlap - Dominating.   Got double teamed a lot.  Sometimes you'd see the occasional triple team.   Good sack beating his guy off the edge.   Good pressure helping with the SW Int.   Swatted the ball on the second Int.  

Atkins - He's still good, very good.  Doesn't get his named called as much.   I notice him fighting through 3 guys more and more.  Not a lot of doubles.  The Browns run same running concept as Bengals with front side and back side options pending on the backs reads.   Atkins was the guy they would read, I'm guessing.   If he beat his man going right.   Crowell would dart left.   So on and so on.   

On that running scheme.   Browns/Crowell are very good at that.   I saw in a few games prior to the Bengals.  Read front side, if it's not open he sticks his foot in the ground and goes backside and quickly up field.  Much, much much more effective at than Hill.    Our LBs would run off darting to front side and the Browns had a good day with it.

Hogan's Heros -  DE's would just run off.   Dunlap once.  MJ a couple.   They did have one run that cut up the middle.  Nice design.

Noted some tight coverage by Dre.   In one particular play he forced a pump fake then scramble of Kessler and then made the tackle.    Tight coverage by Vinny Rey too.   In one play he read the flow and dropped the RB that caught it for a 2 yard loss. 

Nothing like playing the Browns to make you feel good about yourselves. 

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