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Tale of the tape - Bengals eat 5 Fish sackwiches


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Good complimentary rushes on all parts by the D-line.   Some of the fastest sacks I've seen.

Sack 1 - Dolphins line up shotgun with a 3 WR stack up top, 1 WR to the bottom,  1 RB to Dunlap's side.  Bengals show double A gap blitz, at the snap of the ball the LBs back out into zone.   This puts 4 Bengals in coverage towards the 3 dolphin targets up top.   All Tannehill could do is stare at it and cry.   Dunlap beats RT, Will Clarke gets pressure jumps and Dunlap knocks the ball out.  Fumble recovered by Peko.   Key was the LB backing out of the A gap blitz and they had a 4 person zone on 3 targets.   Tannehill froze.

Sack 2 - Dolphin in shotgun, Empty (not a good idea).  Bengals show double A gap blitz, back out of it pre snap.   Margus Hunt draws the double team leaving Atkins 1 on 1 and it was over quickly.   Might have been the quickest sack I've ever seen.   MJ beat his TE blocking rather quickly to get a .5 sack. 

Sack 3 - Dolphins in shotgun, 3 wide up top, 1 wide at the bottom, 1 RB.   Bengals rush 4.   Dolphins zone block (guessing) Dunlap jumps inside the tackle and the guard can't get over quick enough.  Sack.

Sack 4 - Dolphins in shotgun.    2 wide up top, 1 bottom, 1 TE, 1 RB.   Bengals straight 4 rush.  Will Clarke chipped by TE, TE releases and tackle can't pick him up, sack.

Sack 5 - Dolphins in shotgun.  Bengals rush 4.   Margus and Atkins line up in 3 techs.   Run a twist at the snap.   Margus crushes A gap, draws double team and gets good push   Atkins goes over the top and ends up 1 on1 with RG, sack.

Really surprised to see Margus getting double teamed leaving Atkins 1 on 1 in both his sacks.


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As well as they should, as the Dolphins line was all but hurt. It was the fastest I had seen them play all year, and hopefully it continues, because they need that kind of play all year.

I thought they would have done that to Denver with all there injuries on the o-line but that didn't happen.

When the d-line takes over a game the bengals usually win, this needs to continue.

Now if the redzone offense could do something I'll be happy. If they get others involved besides AJ that would be nice.

Im starting to wonder if others are not getting open or if they are just targeting AJ all the time. 

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