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Week #2 Fantasy Results


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He's a true fan and said, "They just had a bad game, they are still going to the Super Bowl Dad" !!!

While I may not share his enthusiasm about his team, you can't fault that type of faith in your team at the age of 9 !!!

Him and I are playing against each other today.  It is already playing out pretty amusingly around the house.

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So, my oldest had a flag football game today and while the score didn't really indicate it (6-0) they were getting beat pretty much the whole game.

Then it happened.  An end around to my son, who takes it the length of the field for a touchdown.
Only problem ??  He holds the ball up before crossing into the end zone and gets flagged for taunting.
Fortunately, they issued a warning as opposed to taking points off the board and they converted the 2 point conversion for the win.

When he gets back to the huddle he quickly tells the coach, "I learned that from my Dad" !!!
The coach yells back over to the sidelines what he said and all the families amusingly gave me crap all the way to the car.
All I could say is, "He's mine" !!!

I'm going to return that by smacking him down in FF today !!!

Good times !!!

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Oh yeah, I guess they try to curb that stuff early.
I was jokingly yelling, "NO FUN" !!!

Seriously, he's 9 and was pretty stoked at the thought of a 95 yard end around for the win.
Hard to not be excited about that one.

I told him he can't celebrate before getting to the end zone, but then proceeded to tell him how awesome that was !!!
Honestly, I was equally fired up on the sideline watching him take it to the house.

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