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Guns and Roses Tour


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So I went down to catch the show last night at PBS.  Anyone else go ??

While I loved the 3+ hour show and the set list they performed, there were many that thought it sucked and I heard many people saying they thought Axl was lip syncing.  Talk about crazy, tickets ahead of the show were going for like $60.00 to start and anything lower was pretty pricey.  Without any intention of going to the show initially, my wife found groupon tickets for $25.00, when we got to our upper level seats, they traded all of our seats in the upper deck for lower level gems.  It was hot as balls last night, but overall I came away impressed with the show.

Now I just need to remember that I'm not in my 20's anymore and that coming in after 1am, while needing to get up at 5am is painful !!!
I see a nap after work and an early night getting into bed.  Man getting older sucks !!!

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Yup getting old blows goats. That said its good to know you can still power through once in a while, eh? I'm currently at Ball State while the kid goes through orientation. Met a group of parents at the bar last night, ended up hopping to another joint where they served pitchers of I don't know what but it was neon blue, stayed out past curfew, got locked out of the dorm and had to wake up the kids to let us in. And I was back up at 5 ready to go!

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Absolutely.  I'm still powering through with hopes of hitting the bed early tonight.  That remains to be seen.

I was having a conversation with a guy at work who saw the show last night and I told him that while Axl might not still have it, the band surely does.
I had all but forgotten how sonically powerful that band is live.  They played a sh*t ton of tunes off of appetite and they hammered it.
It really was fun to see most of the guys back together again.

Steven Adler, the original drummer showed up last night and that was the first time he played with the band in 26 years.
It was really fun to watch him rock out two of their older tunes in "My Michele" and "Out to Get Me".

Talk about all over the place, I have three more shows coming up this year i'm going to drag ArmyBengal Jr. to:

Journey (with the Doobie Brothers), Chris Stapleton (country for those that don't know), and the Prophets of Rage show.
That's the original Rage Against the Machine band members, with Chuck D from Public Enemy, and B Real from Cypress Hill singing together.
Sh*t will be going down that night !!!


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