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http://bengalsboard.net/ broken?


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I sincerely apologize for asking this question on a separate forum, but I have no other contact with the people on the message board I normally visit, so I thought some may visit other bengals message boards.


Am I the only one who cannot log in to http://bengalsboard.net/?


When I try to go there, it says  ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED


I figured it may just be a bandwidth issue after the Bengals lost to the Texans, which happened on the old official bengals message boards at bengals.com. But it has now been about a week and I'm beginning to wonder if it is just me.


Is there anyone here that typically goes to that message board that is experiencing similar issues? Or is it just my computer and the website is fine?

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5 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

Hi habesjn, they had a domain name issue and moved to http://www.thebengalsboard.com/

They also have a Twitter account, @TheBengalsBoard, you can check in with when this stuff happens.

Ypu're welcome to hang around here, too!

Thank you so much!


I was trying to find it on twitter, but I just didn't have the right name I guess. I don't twitter much haha.


Sorry again for posting on your forums about some other forum, I tried to avoid it, but just ran out of options.

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