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Cardiac Cats - heart skipped a few beats when Nuge's kick hit upri


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Man, what a game, what a win. Not on here much lately, too busy coaching son's team and lots of family stuff.

But I don't mind sharing that my heart/brain fluttered and sputtered pretty severely when that kick bounced off the left upright. I was frozen in a time warp of bizarro physio-emotional flux, flt like I left my body. But as we know the ball continued through and the Cardiac Cats stamped a W on what I consider one of the most significant wins over the past 5-10 years, felt a good as the beating they dealt the previously undefeated KC team who came to town thinking the football world bowed a their feet.

Who else had their day/brain/world/etc. collapse in on itself for that extra moment while the ball's path was still uncertain?

Eat a big seahag turd sandwich, Pete Carroll, you fraud.

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Good to hear from ya willy.

I turned off the game at 24-7 and went outside to hang Halloween decorations because if I'd stayed I was going to start spewing "**** YOU ***HOLES!!!" all over the game thread. But I was checking the score on NFL.com every five or ten minutes and laughed loudly when the final score came in. Much better for my health, something productive got done and the Bengals still won. :)

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