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Hometown Hero Program


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I don't know how many of you get a chance to catch a Reds game here and there, but the Hometown Hero Program is something they do to recognize both active duty and other Veterans. My wife started back in April getting things together from my time in the Army and since I've retired and nominated me.

Last Tuesday she called me at work and said, "Guess what we are doing tonight", I said what and she said, going to the Reds game.

Me being in the crappy mood I've been in for a while said, why? She said, because you are the hometown hero for tonight's game.

I was like, get the f*ck outta here !!!

They gave us a parking pass under the stadium and 6 seats right behind home plate. I had to go see some promotions guy and after the 2nd inning I got to jump up on the Reds dugout, while they made an announcement about my service. My pic was up on the scoreboard and a camera on me. I was good until everyone stood up and started clapping. Man I'd be lying if I said it didn't bring a tear to my eye. I pulled my son up on the dugout with me to enjoy the moment as well. The Reds players were right there as well and it was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

They gave me a bunch of Reds stuff that my son snatched up right away and a good part of the family was on hand for the night. My wife had coordinated the whole thing without me knowing anything about it. Simply amazing !!!

Considering all the craziness in my life lately, it hit right at the right time.

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