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Who is the better WR


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So I was just here thinking and looking at the new Madden game come out. They announced that Chad Johnson will be a player that you can draft in the draft mode. So, who is the better WR. If we compare Chad (in his prime) to AJ today, who would you want on your team. Chad is 6'1 and had 766 receptions, 11,059 yards, 14.4 yards per catch and 67 touch downs. Now, AJ is 6'4, and he has 329 receptions, 4,874 yards, 14.8 yards per catch and 35 Touch downs. Chad played 12 years and AJ played 5. So to compare averages

Cat per season

Chad AJ

Average TD's 6 7

Receptions 64 66

Yards 922 975

By the numbers, AJ has Chad by a Tad. In my mind, Chad was more out going and I don't think anything could have kept Chad out of a playoff game.

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Perhaps it would be more accurate to compare their first 4 seasons in the league.

Chad only played 12 games as a rookie and recorded a whopping 28 receptions. The top 3 receivers that year were Peter Warrick, Darnay Scott, and Corey Dillon. Maybe that makes this an unfair comparison, but Chad and AJ both played 60 games over their first 4 years due to AJs injuries.

Chad: 282 receptions, 4,124 yards, 14.62 yds/rec, 25 TDs

AJ : 329 receptions, 4,874 yards, 14.81 yds/rec, 35 TDs

The jury is still out, but AJ has a pretty comfortable lead so far.

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