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Whit: Bengals Need Swagger


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Really? We're going back to this dry well again? I mean, we hear this every year. Attitude, swagger, believe you can win, blah blah blah.

Hey, I got a crazy idea: how about they try playing with consistency and focus? How about the coaches design game plans that the other team can't figure out six snaps into the game? How about a personnel strategy that doesn't hinge on wishing hoping praying that your injured guys can play?


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Swagger ?? Ok, I get what he's saying, but you know what I would like to see ??

Give me one season where injuries aren't a major concern across the board.

Hard to develop much confidence in your abilities when you enter your first playoff game with a practice squad RB playing WR.

Not a knock on Burkhead whatsoever, but they got hit hard.

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Oh, I agree on the injuries completely. I just think it's time to consign the swagger theory to the dustbin.

Just as an example, after clinching the division and a home playoff game with a season-ending win over the Ravens in 2013, no less a personage than (wait for it) Andrew Maximus Offesivus Leaderus Whitworth declared the swaggering Bengals were going to carry their swagger into the postseason.


We all know how that worked out.

Last September, the story was that the team was going into the season with swagger. After the Cleveland debacle, the headline was, what happened to the Bengals swagger? Next week after drubbing New Orleans their swagger was declared back. Might as well be a magic 8 ball: do we have our swagger this week? And about as effective.

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New title

TJ: Bengals need to score more points than their opponent each game

Just once I'd like to see a coach, any coach, respond with the above comment when the talking heads ask, "Well coach, what does your team need to do today to beat these guys?"

Coach, "We need to have at least one more point than they do at the end of the game!" And he just walks away after that!

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