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Hobson public indecency


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Reading this (http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Hobsons-Choice-dont-panic-for-receivers/2ef4473b-9e49-4ec3-a057-e03565c07355) Hobson's choice, it's clear there is a clear formula for Hobson in his dealings withe fan emails.

1. To get your item published, provide sloppy, drooling knob-gobbling to Geoff in some manner, then regurgitate known info/rumor about well planted Bengals PR....

2. Geoff can then nail the softballs over the fence on topics like how well the Bengals manage their roster, scout talent, understand the salary cap, etc. ad nauseum.

It's enough to make a grown man hit the fridge for another cold one (or yell at his small children in the vicinity).

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Aye, it all so sycophantic it makes me rage.

Standard formula of saying how enjoyable Hobson is and what a good job he does before asking a futile question or making a point that's as soft as Kingwilly's dick after two dozen cold ones !!

I can't read his mailbag cos it's so ballbag !!

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Yeah, the constant tributes to the genius that is Geoff Hobson in Geoff Hobson's own column are beyond old. The rest of it is only to be expected.

The bottom line is that the Bengals got lucky after Palmer blew town. Fans love to piss and moan about Dalton but the fact is he's one of the top QBs drafted in the last 4-5 years. Yes, that says a lot more about the quality of QBs coming out recently that it does about Andy, but there it is anyway. Toss in a few mid-round shots that panned out (Geno, Dunlap) and the no-brainer pick of Green, add to a team that was just a year removed from the playoffs when Carson left, and there you go.

To me the elephant in the front office is that the last two drafts haven't been all that productive. Hill is the only real bonafide stud. And this year's draft looks pretty unexciting however you slice it. If some of the younger guys don't start stepping up it will make for some tough calls early next year.

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