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NCAA Playoff Championship

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Has anyone else been watching some of these games ?? I know there was some talk in the main forum, but didn't want to turn that thread into a college playoff thread. There have been a bunch of really good games to this point. Wisconsin winning in OT, Mich St. coming back to beat Baylor, Oregon absolutely destroying Florida St, and of course seeing my Buckeyes beat Alabama last night was well worth staying up late for.

I'm looking forward to the championship game for sure, but certainly have to give the edge to the Ducks in that one.

They just seem to be unstoppable on both sides of the ball, but i'm hopeful Urban Meyer can get the Bucks ready to go.

How this playoff system didn't come into play early is still ridiculous to me.

While they could probably expand the playoff to 6 or so teams, this is a far better result than anything the BCS was able to come up with in the past.

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The Cotton Bowl was the only one I got to see, but that was a hell of a game. Baylor may have lost but Bryce Petty didn't hurt his draft stock at all.

PS this is classic:


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What I'm liking is that almost all the supposedly unbeatable SEC teams have lost. Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Miss. St., Ole Miss all going down. Maybe the talking heads can finally get over the SEC bias that has been pumped like sewage from their mouths for almost a decade.

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Love the link Hoosier !!!

I don't want to get all stupid about best conferences, the SEC is this, the BIG 10 is that, or whatever else about any other conference.

These conferences all have solid programs and have developed some of the better NFL talent.

What I didn't like is how the old system basically put teams in place for the national championship and limited who else had a shot. In years past, FSU (being undefeated and defending champs) along with Alabama (thought to be the best 1 loss team) would have played for the national championship. Teams like Ohio St, Oregon, TCU, Baylor, or anyone else ranked high would have been on the outside to be made fun of by the likes of Skip Bayless. What a f*cking turd.

I'm loving the college playoffs. It gives everyone involved an equal shot to prove it on the field.

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An argument can certainly be made that they should expand to 6 teams or even more. I can't say as I think either in favor or opposition of that thought. Someone would say that it would include teams that should have a shot as well, but then if you up it to 6 the same argument could be made for the team that finished 7. Up it to 8 and what about #9 ?? TCU was surely a very solid team this year, as was Baylor. Had they been included in a 6 team playoff, it would have been interesting for sure, but what about Miss St. who was the #1 team for some time this year ?? Maybe it starts to weed itself out about that point, but it's not always that way.

I'll just be happy we don't have to deal with the BCS any longer !!!

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