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Thursday Night Opener????


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They've been doing this for years. Where you been?

They didn't expanded it from 8 to 13 games until after the 2012 Super Bowl, so not ALL teams were involved like they are now.

They were protesting last year for the NFL do to away completely with the TNF games.

I'm just surprised, if they are going to keep them, that the owners aren't demanding that they start on Sundays.

They piss and moan for a lot less.

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Why would the owners demand a Sunday start? Thursday night means another national game which means more money for them. That's all they care about.

As far as the players go, this is easily the easiest Thursday night game of the year. All the starters just had last week off because no one plays in the last preseason game.

There is absolutely nothing to complain about here.

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I'm amazed that the players union AND management aren't pitching a fit about starting the season on Thursday night!

These 2 teams get a pass on the short week and the other 30 teams have to deal with it!

They should have started the season Sunday, not on Thursday!

I'm amazed that you didnt do research first. Seahawks will play thursday on Nov 27, Packers will play thursday on Oct 2, so those 2 team didnt get pass on the short week

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Haven't they been starting the season on a Thursday for the past few years ??

I rather enjoy the Thursday night games myself.

The Seahawks looked really, REALLY good on both sides of the ball last night.

The Packers looked like they weren't sure what the hell was going on.

I thought the Seahawks looked good, but the penalties that the NFLthreatened to keep the WR's cleaner really were not called last night. The Packers killed themselves with penalties of varying kinds. Everytime the Packers stopped the Seahawks they committed a penalty and gave them new life. It was a very sloppy game for the Packers.

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