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The draft is on!!


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QB A. Brooks (NO - QB)

WR C. Johnson (Cin - WR)

WR M. Harrison (Ind - WR)

WR T. Owens (Phi - WR)

WR M. Booker (Chi - WR)

RB B. Westbrook (Phi - RB)

RB T. Jones (Chi - RB)

TE R. McMichael (Mia - TE)

K J. Brown (Sea - K)

DEF Miami (Mia - DEF)

BN K. Jones (Det - RB)

BN B. Lloyd (SF - WR)

BN T. Maddox (Pit - QB)

BN M. Muhammad (Car - WR)

BN I. Mili (Sea - TE)

BN Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)

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Thats not a bad team at all B24. The only weakness I really see is at RB, you really need to sign one or trade with someone.

Oh I don't know about that...I'm not blown away by Jones, but in the St Louis style offense the Bears run I'd expect his TD production to go up....and that's what fantasy football is about right? I mean that offensive playsystem turned an undrafted no name RB into the second coming of Marshall Faulk in KC...Why not in Chicago??? Could be the steal of the draft

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QB M. Vick (Atl - QB)

WR D. Mason (Ten - WR)

WR J. Walker (GB - WR)

WR C. Rogers (Det - WR)

WR D. Stallworth (NO - WR)

RB D. McAllister (NO - RB)

RB F. Taylor (Jac - RB)

TE J. Witten (Dal - TE)

BN C. Garner (TB - RB)

BN J. Garcia (Cle - QB)

BN K. Washington (Cin - WR)

BN W. McGahee (Buf - RB)

BN J. Kitna (Cin - QB)

K J. Elam (Den - K)

DEF New England

DEF Cincinnati

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Here's my Bengalszone 2 picks:

QB: B. Favre; GB

WR: K. Johnson; Dal

WR: K. McCardell; TB

WR: D. Branch; NE

RB: J. Lewis; Bal

RB: C. Dillon; NE

TE: K. Winslow; TB

RB: C. Martin; NYJ

QB: S. McNair; Ten

WR: J. Rice; Oak

TE: M. Shoebel; Cin

K: J. Kasay; Car

K: S. Graham; Cin

Def: Chicago

Def: New York Giants

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Im not that pleased...I think I would have made better picks but I might stil be in it with my QB combo being the best possible IMO

2 QBs...Peyton and Carson

3 RBs... Stephen Davis(okay)...Tiki Barber(WTF?Need a change here)...Warrick Dunn (not sure about Atlanta's O line so trades available or pick up soeone on waivers.)

5 WRs...not naming everyone but Um they arent that good...Ill be looking to make lots of changes here. My Rod/Jimmy Smith duo is the only thing I like here

2 TEs...Another stacked position with Shockey and Pollard. Ill trade 1 for a reciever or RB in a second

Kickers Jay Felley and Matt STover...Um I thik this is okay

My probably best is my 2 defenses! DALLAS AND DENVER! very happy here.

All and all my team is okay... My QBs will be leading the reigns and Defenses will pick up the slack. I dont know about the scoring system. Im very open to trades so just let me know if I have a player you really want.

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I totally forgot about it. Here's my lineup...

QB - Culpepper, McCown (great WR corp if Boldin comes back, hopefully after Culpepper's bye week).

RB - Tomlinson, D.Davis (Houston), Staley

WR - D.Jackson (seattle), A.Johnson (Hou), I.Bruce (STL), J.McCareins (NYJ), Galloway (TB), Glenn (Dal) --- non of them are great but are pretty solid.

TE - Franks, Clark (Indy)

K - Vanderjagt

D - Philly.

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Marvin's Gardens Roster:

QB's - Bulger, Plummer

WR's - Holt, Santana Moss, Jerry Porter, Fitzgerald, Kennison, Givens

RB's - Holmes, Rudy Johnson, Michael Bennett, Quentin Griffin

TE - Heap

K's - Gramatica, Janikowski

D - Carolina

Not happy at QB - (Had Hasselbeck and Pennington both grabbed right before my intended selections)

Very deep at RB and Very good at WR but looking to upgrade QB and WR.

Looking to trade with the team that grabbed Chad Johnson, Harrison and Owens on the same team! How did that happen?

Let's make a deal!


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QBs = Tom Brady, Joey Harrington

RBs = Ahmad Green, Travis Minor (because I was an idiot and didn't change Ricky Williams), and Julius Jones

WRs = Steve Smith, Kevin Johnson, Quincy Morgan, Troy Brown, Rashuan Woods, and for right now Anquan Boldin (because again I was stupid and didn't change my picks), I also had David Boston up there too

TE = Tony Gonzales and Desmond Clark

Kicker = Mr. Clutch in Big Games aka Adam Vinateri

Defenses = Tampa Bay and Minnesota (which I may change)

This team isn't too bad. I would have had better if I changed my picks up after injuries. Overall, not too bad.

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