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Bengals 2014 Fixtures


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Just to kill a wee bit of time I've had a look back at the season openers and season closers over the last ten seasons:-

Year: Opener Closer

2004: @ Jets @ Eagles

2005: @ Browns @ Chiefs

2006: @ Chiefs Steelers

2007: Ravens @ Dolphins

2008: @ Ravens Chiefs

2009: Broncos @ Jets

----------------------------------------- then I think league opted for divisonal games to close the season

2010: @ Patriots @ Ravens

2011: @ Browns Ravens

2012: @Ravens Ravens

2013: @ Bears Ravens

The Bengals generally get road game to start the season, 8 out of 10 of the previous 10 seasons. It's been a divisional game 5 out of the 10 (but then again 5/10 it ain't)

.... I wonder what the chances are of a trip to Tampa ....would a reunion with MJ and AC be intrigueing to the TV networks??

And if recent history repeats the Bengals will close out the season against the Ravens

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Here's the list of teams we play ....dates should be set within the next month I guess :-

Home : Baltimore, Cleveland, Pitts, Jax, Tennessee, Atlanta, Carolina, Denver

Road : Baltimore, Cleveland, Pitts, Tampa Bay, Houston, Indy, New Orleans, New England.

Glad we got Denver and Atlanta at PBS, would like to see us play New England early in the season

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