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OK, that's it, I'm done done done done. f**k the Bengals and their management and especially Marvin Lewis! I've had it. Been a Bengals fan my entire life. Let's think about that. The first Super Bowl I actually remember watching was in 89 when they lost to the Niners. I don't remember watching the first time they went in 83. Since then we as fans have been promised a better product on the field while every single 31 other teams have at least won ONE home playoff game!!!!! I'm done buying jerseys, ashtrays, flags, tickets, parking, 9 dollar beers, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, slippers, playing cards, ornaments, etc etc anything Cincy. We as fans have complained about Marvin Lewis and his inability to get a team prepared after a bye week and a playoff game. He has no clock management skills. There are three games this season the team should have won to get the BYE week however he used his timeouts and let the clock run early in the quarters. Andy Dalton is not the answer and fans and professionals from around the league have voiced their concerns and no one listened. As long as Mike Brown and his family are running this team expect no Super Bowl wins just to be bleed to death out of your pocket. He does not care about winning just making money. When they had to report the teams finances to rape the Cincy voters into paying taxes to build the stadium there were 200 employees on the payroll that were family members and friends of the family that had no real jobs!!! That should have been the warning to anyone supporting this team. Everyone in Hamilton County that is forced to pay taxes and reap no benefits from them should go down to that stadium and Burn the mother f**ker down. Go down there and take whatever you want, YOU PAID FOR IT!!!!!! Then they have the f**king nerve to charge you over a 100 bucks to use it and watch an inferior product on the field coached by a f**king numb skull that can't worry about the clock because there's no second hand on his Micky Mouse watch! Screw this I'm done. No I'm not going to root for the Steelers. Their fans are a**h***s that point out how many trophies they have even though the team won the majority before they were either born or can remember watching the team. I think I'm just going to root for my fantasy Qb's team whoever I draft that year. So GO SAINTS!!! WHO DAT!!! Simple. Done. f**k the Bengals!


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