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No Huddle???


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Before I bring this up, let me preface by saying that I have a 'sheeplike' mind compared to the staff in the NFL. I've played and coached baseball/softball from Little League to high school for 25+ years, but have not played or coached one snap of organized football on ANY level.

My concern is this. We go out against the Jets, using the no huddle offense for the first time to 'start' the game! We stay with that up until the starters come out in the 4th quarter. We end up scoring 35 offensive points with it.

There is a reason, that the staff hasn't run it before or since, and I'd just like to know what that reason is.

I can only parallel this with baseball, but if I'm a manager and I shake the batting order up to try and generate more offense and we go out and get 15 hits and score 9 runs, I'm going to stick with that batting order until it no longer works,

Again, I'm sure the reasons they have go a lot deeper than this novice mind can come up with, but I'd still like to know!

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I'm not sure of the rationale behind it - perhaps the coaching staff thought the Jets D was soft against the no huddle and not so much the other teams, or perhaps on reviewing the tape they thought they'd got lucky a few times and didn't want to risk running it again.

I really have no idea what the stratagem was/is

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