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Bengals Dissed Again


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Seriously, Dave Shula was only the second-worst head coach in the modern era? Bull-freakin-chit!!!! Fking Deadspin screws the Bengals again!

2. David Shula (career record: 19-53)

Coach Fredo. As a son of Don, he was destined to enter the family business, and as an utter incompetent he was destined to f**k up the family's good name. He spent seven seasons as a position coach on his father's staff before Jimmy Johnson took him in for his first two (dreadful) seasons with the Cowboys, an arrangement not unlike Moe Greene taking in Fredo out in Vegas. David finally got his chance to run the Bengals in 1992, and in his four-and-a-half seasons, he managed to lose 50 games faster than any coach in league history. (The fact that he got four-and-a-half seasons might be even more amazing.) Shula then left football to help run the family's chain of steakhouses, which is where he's been ever since.

No. 1? Marty Mornhinweg. OK, he did suck too but seriously...@#^&%$#...

Special bonus crappy coach at No. 10:

10. Bruce Coslet (career record: 47-77)

Bruce Coslet is the guy you think of when you think of s**tty NFL coaches from the 1990s. You know he was with the Jets, and you know he was with the Bengals, but you can't remember which stint came first, or whether he somehow plopped both franchises into the toilet at the same time. Then you look it up and you realize someone actually hired him after his Jets tenure. Then you're surprised to learn he went 7-2 after taking over the Bengals for David Shula in '96. Then you're reminded that he cast his lot with Neil O'Donnell in 1998, and that he finally quit three games into the 2000 season, at which point the Bengals had been outscored 75-7. The very idea of Bruce Coslet is somehow reassuring because he unfailingly managed to disappoint.

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