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Reds vs. Rockies


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The Reds come back home tonight to start a 3 game series with the Rockies.

Arroyo, Bailey, and Cueto are on the mound for the Reds.

I hope the Reds don't sleep on the Rockies, because they are a good hitting team.

Oddly they rank #5 (league wide) in: Runs, Batting Average, On Base Percentage, and Slugging Percentage.

Pitching is their weakness.


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If you missed the game last night, you missed seeing Arroyo pitch one hell of a game.

8 scoreless innings, only allowing 4 hits and struck out 3.

Pretty impressive against one of the best hitting teams in the league right now.

Bruce had a 2 run shot and the Reds win 3-0. Very nice.

On an angry side note:

Izturis continues his "Run of Suck" going 0-4 (including a bases loaded inning ender) "improving" his BA to .150

Please for the love of God, find someone else to man 2nd base while Phillips recovers.

I guess in looking to the bright side, he didn't cost us the game ??

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Couple other side notes:

How well are the Cards playing ??

They have only lost two series this far in the season and one of those was the first of the season.

A note I saw during the game last night was:

Since 2006, who are the top 5 pitchers with the most quality starts ??

Would you guess Arroyo was sitting at #2 on that list, not far from the top ??

I must admit I was surprised.

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Just heard on the way home that Cueto got scratched from tonight's game.

Speculation that it's to adjust the rotation and then possibly he got reinjured.

Stay tuned for more...

Villareal gets called up for the start tonight.

Cingrani started recently and why he didn't get the call.

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Tribe News - In a story reminiscent of large hands receiver gets pot shipped to house in Kentucky, Chris Perez the closer for the Cleveland Indians just got busted for the same thing. Quantity unknown at this time, but reports are that it is a lot.

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Extra notes:

The Reds gave up 6 HR's, 3 to Gonzalez and 2 to Tulowitzki. Helton had the other.

The top 4 in the Reds lineup went a combined 1-11.

They aren't going to win many games when that happens.

It seems like the team is in a little bit of a downward tilt.

Hopefully they can tilt it back with a day off and a big series coming with the Cards.

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