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What Game(s) in 2013 ???

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I'm almost set for the home games against Pittsburgh and Green Bay - annual leave booked, flights booked, hotels booked, ... just need to get the game tickets

Wondered what games other 'Zoners were intending to get too this season.

I've gone for these games as it's earlier in the year so chance of better weather and more daylight hours as we intend doing some travelling around on the days inbetween. Also the Packers game is Oktoberfest weekend and beer and football go sooooo well together :cheers:/>/>/> Also also it's two teams I haven't previously seen the Bengals play so thats something to look forward too in itself :excited:/>

I think the Bengals used to do a group booking (Party Deck??) option ... perhaps if there were enough of us interested in a particular game this might be a consideration ???? It'd be great to meet some of you 'Zoners.


Otherwise if a group package isn't viable if anyone wants to meet up for a beer (and a game of darts :sure:/>/>/> ) before the Pitts or GB games just shout it out

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