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The Tuck Rule is Gone!


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I'll join with you in thanking goodness.

Also mentioned in that article, hitting with the crown of your helmet in the open field was oulawed. The only dissenting vote came from your hometown Bengals. Funny, I would've expected that more from the Rams...

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good, in fact i am very excite about helmet rule.

i dont understand why 99% of people in comment area on those article is pissed off and said godell is ruining football??

tis is best news ever to me, dont know if you all remember but in 1980's and 1990's, defense players tackle properly, rushers rarely lead with head, BEST rusher in history Barry Sanders never lead with head.

today football is more of retard's game, all hard hitting thats all it is.

i hate hate to see defense go after ball carrier with head and fail then ball carrier run for touchdown, defense should simple wrap his arm around and tackle him properly, and would be no TD

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I think lowering the helmet was something that was kind of instinctual. RB's have been doing it forever.

"Lower your head and blast through". Delivering the big blow and picking up additional yards.

I think it could certainly be viewed as a positive safety issue, but can't say as I care about it one way or another.

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