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BZ FFL Standings After Week #8


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There was some serious shifting in the standings this week. I fell out of the playoff picture while others moved in. These bye weeks really mess me up.

Division 1

1. The Bouncing TaTa's 6-2-0

4. CombatBengal 5-3-0

5. Bengals44 5-3-0

8. Hellmutts 4-4-0

10. Skyline Chilis 3-5-0

12. Kevnz Krushers 0-8-0

Division 2

2. Wraith's Wreakers 5-3-0

3. 57deg 20min North 5-3-0

6. Danimals Animals 5-3-0

7. Billy's Bad Boys 4-4-0

9. BengalPimp 4-4-0

11. UK Bengals 2-6-0

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Things tightened up too, with both division leaders losing. There was a lot of weak QB play this week.

Now I just need to get past Billy's (Really, Really, Really) Bad Boys in week 9 without Gronkowski... :P

Huh... now I know who the Hellmutts are.

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All right! Hellmutts 10.8, Billy's Winking Justin Bieber Avatar Boys 0! The avalanche begins!

(...for Billy probably, I'm sure this is the last lead I'll have this week. :lol: )

I'm thinking Manning goes ballistic against the Bengals Sunday, but your Matt Ryan ain't to shabby either.

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You had me dead to rights until Dougzilla stomped Toakland! Jeebus but I wish the Bengals had him. Can you imagine Martin and Green on the same team?

This from rosenthal:

gregg rosenthal ‏@greggrosenthal

i love internet era RT @MatthewBerryTMR: Doug Martin's 51 pts in standard scoring ties CDillon for 3rd highest in Internet era (since 1995)

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