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Reds vs. Astros


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The Reds start a 3 game series with the Astros at home tonight.

The Reds start Bailey, Arroyo, and Cueto.

The Reds still maintain an 8.5 game lead on the Cards and 10 on the Pirates (not that they matter anymore).

Their magic number is at 17 for the NL Central and the Nationals are pulling away for homefield advantage.


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Any word on Votto? And well Reds get any Home field ADV for second best NL record?

My understanding is that the schedule this year has the Wild Card game occurring on Friday, October 5, with the season ending on Wednesday, October 3. The winner of that game will play the Division winner with the best record on Sunday, October 7. The other two Division winners will play each other starting Saturday, October 6. For each of the Division series, the Division winner with the better record gets 'home field advantage', yet this year that means that they play host during games 3, 4 and 5, with the first two games at the ballpark of the lesser record team. Only Bud Selig could come up with this one! Just imagine if extra games need to be played to break ties to determine Division winners!

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