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Reds vs. Cubs


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Moving on...

The Reds start a 4 game series against the Cubs tonight.

Leake, Bailey, Arroyo, and Cueto will take the mound during the series.

The Reds need to break out of this 4 game slump they are in and the Cubs have been getting butt raped lately.

However, this is another team capable of putting some wins together and have a winning record at home.

The Pirates are 2.5 back now and finish up their series with the D-Backs tonight.


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Damn D Backs!!! Cubs should be no problem if the pitching keeps up like they have for most of the year. It looks like Pitt isn't going away tosoon either.

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Pretty amazing that the Reds can lose 6 straight and still have a 2.5 game lead in the division.

But they need to get their s**t together really quick.

No one expected them to keep winning on the pace they were on (winning 14 of 15 games and 22 of 25 games)... but they should never go on a losing streak like this. Especially against teams with below .500 records.

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I think the loss of two of their best players may have caught up with them.

Well, Bruce hitting .136 and no dingers and 11 stikeouts in the last 7 games doesn't help either.

He's 0-11 in the last 3 games. That sh*t is ridiculous.

The fact we are still 2.5 game up on the Pirates is amazing.

I'm not losing hope by ANY stretch of the imagination, but they need to get their collective sh*t together.

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The Reds are playing this game offensively the same way they did at the start of the season when they opened 4-8. They're swinging at a bunch of first pitches and going down very quickly. Travis Wood will throw a complete game without breaking a sweat if this crap continues.

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Pirates lose again to the Padres. 4.5 game lead.

It's like the losing streak never happened. :sure:

Wow San D has Pirates number this weekend!! Sweet!

It's a crazy season isn't it? Well, like my dad always said when we played cribbage, "I'd rather be lucky than good!" ^_^

Chapman continued his recent dominance by setting down three straight in the ninth and converting his 27th save, including his last 19 straight. Chapman last blew a save on June 24, he's thrown 20 2/3 scoreless innings and struck out 44.

Oh, BTW the Reds 21-8 mark since the All-Star break is the best in the majors. B)

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