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More On the Palmer Trade With Raiders

Sea Ray

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There's been some discussion about whether the Bengals can get a 1st rd pick next year from the Raiders and the latest info shows that they can't:

Raiders can’t lose 2013 first-round pick in Carson Palmer trade

Posted by Michael David Smith on June 6, 2012, 7:08 PM EDT

Getty ImagesDespite reports that the Raiders could have to send their 2013 first-round draft pick to the Bengals in the Carson Palmer trade, Oakland is locked into sending only its 2013 second-round pick to Cincinnati.

A Raiders official told Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times that the Raiders, who already traded away this year’s first-round pick for Palmer, will conclude the trade by sending next year’s second-round pick to the Bengals.

Previous reports that the Bengals could get the Raiders’ first-round pick if Palmer led Oakland to the AFC Championship Game were apparently incorrect: The Bengals’ compensation will be the Raiders’ 2012 first-round pick and the Raiders’ 2013 second-round pick, and there’s no chance for the 2013 pick to be upgraded to a first-rounder.

Palmer believes that the Raiders and Bengals both won in the trade. At the cost of a first-round pick and a second-round pick, he’ll have to play well for the Raiders for years to come if he wants most people to agree with him.


So much for rooting for the Raiders this year...

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I wasn't rooting for the Raiders no matter what.

A late 1st rounder is not terribly different in terms of value from an early 2nd rounder... and the early 2nd rounder means we don't have to watch Carson Palmer have success. So that was my hope from the beginning.

I hope they go 0-16.

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