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Colts to release Manning?

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They will announce his release tomorrow, per reports here in Indiana. End of an era.

He had a nice run since being drafted in '98. I think he's still got a few seasons left in him provided his neck holds up. IMO it all boils down to Indy wanting to move on to their next QB Luck.

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He would take the 49er's back to the Super Bowl...

Hope he doesn't go there.

I don't believe the 'Niners will give up on Smith. Cutting the legs out from under a young starter would be the same as Cincy picking up Manning at the expense of Dalton. I'd be pissed on taking that great a risk on a QB coming off what many would term a medical nightmare. There are teams willing to roll the dice on this situation, but I don't think San Francisco is one of them.

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Yep, hard to fathom anything else but this was going to happen.

Coming off bad injury ?? Check

Owing Manning a buttload of cash ?? Check

Having the #1 pick ?? Check.

They should have had this wrapped up long ago.

For what it's worth, I would have liked to see him retire a Colt.

That sh*t just doesn't happen anymore.

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I don't think that anyone was really surprised by the move, but it's one of those kind of things that's still big and shocking even though you knew it was coming.

Manning gone in Indy? Quick, without looking, name the QB before Manning. I can't. He's been there 14 seasons. Chances are that if you under 20 or so you don't remember a Colts team or an NFL without Peyton Manning.

Surprising? No. Seismic? Yes.

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