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NFL matches in Engalnd

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Apparantly St. Louis will be playing a "home" game at Wembley Stadium, London, Engalnd, for one game in each of the next 3 seasons, starting next season with their game against New England.


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I really think its a bad idea I won't be supporting a team in London I'm a bengals fan for life. I think it will most likley start well but fade in attendance as travel costs are massive compared to the states.

252 miles I am from London that's a train journey of £100+ pounds then £45 ticket and say £20 concessions

£165 per game 9 games total depending on playoffs

That's aprox $250 a game not viable for people living in the north of England and I don't feel they will fill the stadium without country wide support

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Practical ..... well, it wouldn't be the easiiest destination but then again nothing is impossible.

I think UKB is absolutely right, this is a toe in the water towards a possible London franchise.

I did moot the point a couple of years back about a European based team as the NFL could/will expand to become global - I was shouted down for raising such an idea at the time!!

So, the Rams may be looking at a possible move to London ...... who moves next? Germany has a very large fan base for gridiron and a game was played in Mexico a couple of seasons ago.

Is St. Louis a big franchise? Will the city and the NFL look to put another team in there or just let it pass? Los Angeles is still a market gagging for a franchise and I'm sure there are some other cities who would love to have an NFL team.....how about Sacramento.....Las Vegas......Oklahoma....Salt Lake City .......Portland......these are just a few off the top of my head. Then how about the Canadien cities??

I think it could be a very interesting next ten years for the NFL

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Maybe in Toronto. The Bills have played there several times but I don't see them going anywhere until the owner passes on.

As for Europe I thought they disbanded the NFL league there due to costs and inconsistent support. Maybe it's ahead of its time but I don't see it as a viable option until five or ten years. Maybe a an all-Euro division is a possibility.

But I see the LA market being filled before any other. The Rams came from LA so maybe they'll go back someday.

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