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Bengals League Standings


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Here's how things look heading into week #7 with Sir Shanksalot leading the pack.

1. Sir Shanksalot 5-1-0

2. Green With Envy 4-2-0

3. 7/11_ad14 4-2-0

4. The Bouncing TaTa's 4-2-0

5. Billy's Bad Boys 4-2-0

6. Skyline Chilis 3-3-0

7. Feline Felons 3-3-0

8. The Shillelaghs 3-3-0

9. Highland Horribles 3-3-0

10. CombatBengals 2-4-0

11. Cannibal Clowns 1-5-0

12. NotSomeMochDraft 0-6-0

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This is the strangest league I've ever played in.

I agree. Default settings should be used.

Yeah sorry guys - I mistakingly thought that setting the numbers was determining the size/type of squad - not the actual playing team! Muchos apologeticos - will go back to the default next year. :chair:

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