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Reds vs. Cardinals


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Happy 4th of July everyone and here's to hoping for some offensive fireworks from the Reds tonight against the Cards.

Cueto kicks things off against Carpenter and I hope his struggles continue tonight.

THIS is an important series for the Reds.


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While I am in great support of this team and love the talent they possess, there are changes that need to be made.

How Jocketty can sit back and say they are going to just ride things out is amazing to me.

I mean, it's not like they expected to head into the All Star break sub .500 right ??


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It was 8-0 now it's 8-6 with Pujols coming up with 2 on. All of this because Baker has to package this nice and neat f**king win for his guys, and Arroyo, so they feel good about themselves. Just win the ***damn game, Dusty you idiot.

THIS is why this team will never amount to s**t with Baker as manager. Even IF they win this game, this is PATHETIC!!!!!!

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Even IF they win this game, this is PATHETIC!!!!!!

If this keeps up, there will be no win, just a huge collapse.

This game sums it up for me. Dusty needs to pack his bags. Biggest game of the season, up 8-0 and Baker can't manage his pitching staff when EVERYONE watching the game could see Arroyo was struggling when he gave up 2 runs in the 6th. What does Baker do? Nothing. Nobody up in the bullpen until 3 runs are across the plate in the 7th.


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Here we go. Bottom of the 9th, 8-7. Cordero in. This could be the season here. 3 games out as opposed to being 5 out and 2 under .500.

How's this going to shake out?

Nevermind. HR. Tie game, soon to be a loss.

Bottom of 11. Arredondo in. Here comes the loss.

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The Reds just pulled one out of their asses and saved their season. I'll take it and eat some crow.

Good God, it's 1230am. Time to hit the rack.

I was surprised anyone else was still awake here after the 9th inning. Way to hang in there hokie.

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I was up watching the game as well and thought to myself...

If Hokie is up watching this, he's pulling all of his hair out and cursing mightily !!!

Lucky to get one in that series.

Agreed. And yes there were a few f-bombs and "dumbasses!" heard around my living room last night.

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