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Reds vs. Yankees


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Here we go with the Yankees in town for a 3 game series and Cueto starts things off tonight.

We are sitting just two games behind the Brewers and Cards who are tied at the top.

The Brewers start their series with the Devil Rays and the Cards are playing the Phillies.

The Reds just need to relax and try to get the series opener tonight. They just seem to do better when getting the opening win in a series.

Hopefully Cueto is feeling it tonight and brings his "A" game, because I would love to see them beat up on the Yankees !!!


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I don't know if Wood has a case of the jitters going against the Yankees with no notice, but he looks like he's done already.

No control whatsoever. Hanigan gives him a target low and away and Wood throws it right down the pipe.

Hope this gets better, but I think it won't.

4-0 Yankees middle of 1st.

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Well, that really sucked.

They looked like a team that knew in their mind they were outmatched before the game even started.

Like they had mentally conceded the loss.

You just aren't going to come back from a 4-0 deficit against the Yankees that often.

Maybe tonight !!!

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Sadly, I am at the point where I want them to tank. What they are putting on the field right now is at best a .500 team and will give them 3rd place. A further slide (which I am rooting for) may get Walt to suck up his pride and make some changes that could propel this team in the standings.

Here's for a sweep by the Yankees (hate admitting that).

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