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Reds vs. Blue Jays


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The Reds have today off before starting a 3 game series with the Blue Jays back home.

This go round of interleague play has them getting the Yankees, followed by Baltimore, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland.

When they get through that, they draw a series against the Brewers and Cardinals.

I just want to see them get some series wins at a minimum and play some solid ball heading into their NL Central games prior to the break.


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That's exactly what i'm talking about, you just never know what the other teams are going to do.

I mean, would have guessed the Brewers would have lost that series to the Cubs ??

What about the Cards going on a long losing streak ??

All I know is, the Reds have the ability to play some really good ball. They have a good pitching rotation, but need to get through the 1st inning without putting their team in a hole. They have played well against the Cards and Brewers this season as well, so they just need to keep their focus and they will be alright. Bailey coming back to bolster the starting rotation surely wouldn't hurt either.

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Reds losing 4-0 end of the 5th.

Volquez keeps throwing fastballs right down the middle and the Blue Jays are sitting and waiting for them.

Heisey had one of the worst plays in the outfield i've seen from a player in a long time.

Shortstop continues to be a problem.

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I'm not saying it because I enjoy it, but Pujols got hurt today.

That can't be good for the Cards.

Glad the Reds got at least one game in the series. Arroyo pitched very well today !!!

Oh yeah, even though Jocketty is against it right now, i'm all in for seeing Cozart brought up to get some time at shortstop.

He's playing some ball down there.

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