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Reds vs. Giants


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The Reds start a series against the Giants tonight in a late game and for those who rarely get to see them play, I believe the Reds and Giants are the Sunday Night game on ESPN. They usually don't fare very well on their west coast road trips, but they really can't afford to go out there and let things get out of control. I mean, it's not like you can continually count on teams like the Astros to get wins against the Cardinals.

I'm left wondering how long it's going to take the management to do something with the horrible play at shortstop ??

You might as well throw left field in that conversation as well.

Oh yeah, any deal that would get done could very easily involve one of our two first round selected catchers we have in the minor leagues.

I was thinking about that the other day. We have Hernandez and Hanigan up now and still have two first round catchers sitting in wait.


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I watched the late game last night and was loving it. Cueto pitched an amazing game and they just got the hits when they needed them.

Nice shutout to open up the west coast road trip. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum !!!

Any trade involving Cueto better net us more than a single player. Honestly though, I'm not interested in trading Cueto under just about any circumstance. He's clearly pitching better than anyone else in the rotation and he's still young with many very good seasons ahead of him. While I like that we have some other pitchers, you have to have at least one guy that can normally get you 7 solid innings. So yeah, I'm with you TDB, f*ck that.

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