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Reds vs. Cubs


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At least they seem to refuse to drop back below .500. It's still too early to be too concerned, but the division deficit has grown too large. Time to start winning, and today was good for that.

Let's see how things look at the All Star break. Remember how the Reds came on late last season? Just remain within striking distance.

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They need to just relax out there and not worry about winning them all. Just try to get the series win. I think that's what bothered me about the last series with the Dodgers. They had the series wrapped up and then pissed it away. They simply can't continue to do that after the break and expect to remain in striking distance.

They still need to do something at the SS position and have heard rumors of possible trades. If Gomes could play more like last night and less like the beginning of the season, they will be just fine. I wonder every here and there how much the ongoing football problem plays into owners and management really wanting to have a contender this season ?? You have to figure if there's no football, baseball stands to make a bunch more money this season and if your team is in the playoffs, CHA-CHING !!!

Oh the rumor was about Reyes, the SS from the Mets...

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