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Bengals New PBP Guy

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I was curious to gauge the reaction to Brad Johansen being replaced as Bengals Play-By-Play guy. Personally, I was not a huge fan of Johansen. I thought he was smug and entirely too energetic on the simplest things - like a first down and was too cute or as I like to phrase it too ESPN-ish for me. I want a play-by-play guy that will call the action - I don't care for all the cheesy lines - that what Lap is for.

I grew up with Phil Samp and thought he called a game as it was to be called. Many times I wasn't sure where the ball was with Johansen - he hard to follow.

I warmed up to Johansen in recent years - just because I was forced to listen to more games - because they weren't on TV - but I think it is a good move that he is out.

Dan Hoard will do fine I hope - he does a good job with UC Football and basketball - has a little bit of that ESPN cutesy stuff - but doesn't come off as smug as Johansen.

Thoughts about this - or does anyone even care?

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I am older than I used to be. And I still miss Phil Samp. Someone needs to get off my lawn.

I can still hear Phil Samp's voice in my head. The best radio play by play voice ever. I too am getting older...

Dan Hoard is alright...at being alright. He's too bland for me but there could be worse.

As much as I hate the Browns, they have a good radio team. I enjoy listening to them on 980am sometimes.

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Certainly Samp was the best but Brad is horrible. The only reason he ever got the job was because Clear Channel could plug him in w/o adding anyone to the payroll. Now they're hired by the Bengals.

Brad yells and screams like a color guy. He ought to know better. Very unprofessional

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