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Wraith's Dream Draft


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Trade Carson Palmer to the arizona Cardinals for their 2nd rd. pick #38 and their 6th rd. pick #171

Trade OchoCinco to the New England Patriots for their 3rd rd pick #92

1st Rd. #4: Patrick Peterson CB/FS, LSU

2nd Rd. #35: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU

2nd Rd. #38: Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

3rd Rd. #66: John Moffit, G/C, Wisconsin

3rd Rd. #92: Greg Jones, ILB, Michigan State

4th Rd. #101: Sione Fua, NT/DT, Stanford

5th Rd. #134: Cliff Matthews, DE, South Carolina

6th Rd. #167: Alex Hennery, K, Nebraska

6th Rd. #171: Owen Merecic, FB/LB, Standford

7th Rd. #208: Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

7th Rd. #246: DeAndre Brown, WR, Southern Mississippi

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To net only a 2nd and 6th for Palmer would only be further proof of how f**ked up a GM Mike Brown is. Also, the NFL and The Players Association have adjourned meetings until May, meaning there will be no CBA in place prior to this years Draft, and so, no player trades can be made for this years picks. They won't be able to complete a trade until there is a CBA in place, so you'd be looking at next year's picks. Thats good anyways, because you have 11 draft picks, and no way 11 players make the team (there just isnt enough roster space)

Thats said, I would be very happy with a guy like Moffit in the 3rd Rd, but there is NO WAY he lasts until then.

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The work around for trading this years picks for a player outside the CBA is trading the pick for "future considerations" they run the risk of pissing off the judge but it would technically be legal. While it is extremely likely that Mike Brown won't do it, it doesn't mean it cannot be done.

As far as this team not needing 11 players...did you watch last years team? I am in favor of about 15 positions moving. Is there an objection to not needing a particular position, do you deny we need CB with Joseph's situation uncertain? At that Peterson is capable and willing to play FS which was the weakest position on the team last year. Do you deny we need a QB, or a LG, or a Kicker? WR? FB? Are you quibbling over the late round picks? Fine, package them and move up.

As to Moffit, he appears to be slipping....alot...in their latest positional rankings GBN Report has Moffit dropping to the #132 player. NFL Draft Countdown has Moffit also falling through the third round. Pro Football Weekly has Moffit the #95 player in the draft so projecting him to the Bengals in the third doesn't seem like much of a reach.


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Love it, Wraith. Only thing I'd do differently would be to try to use one of those 2nd/3rd round picks on a safety. And maybe spending that 6th rounder on a RB if there was someone available at that slot to back up Ced (assuming we still have Ced).

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