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The Bengals went full circle


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I was watching the game last night and they showed the stat that Flacco and Harbaugh have made the playoffs in each of their 1st 2 seasons. They have won playoff games, and are in the hunt again. Since 2003 the Bengals have had 2 winning seasons that resulted in playoffs with no wins. I realized how low my own expectations have become. The sell-out streak ended, the Bengals are 2-6. Draft picks are turning into busts, and it looks like the dark, dark days are back. There will be no GM. No top notch coach to come in and save the franchise. It is what it is. Our pathetic run is over and the Ravens and Steelers just keep on rolling. Think about the playoff runs of Dilfer, Stewart, Maddox, O'Donnell, Flacco, Ben, and I think even Grbac made a playoff appearance. Here the Bengals sit with Palmer for 7 seasons and nothing to show for it.

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I was playing the new Call of Duty Black Ops with my son and a cut scene instantly identified with being a Bengals fan.

During a particularly brutal ad-hoc interrogation, when the subject won't answer the questions, one of the main characters breaks a window and places broken pieces of glass in the subjects mouth and then starts popping him in the jaw.

This has to be one of poorest years on record if only for the potential this team has (had).

Back in the day, we knew this team was bad, and we all found our ways to cope. Now, it just feels like I have a mouth full of glass and I am catching uppercuts each Sunday.

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Moe is we.


Moe is we.

And Moe is we we shall always be.

And yet, woe to the Moe who clings a wee bit too tightly to Moe is we trappings.

Because that was then, and this is the same, but later.

So Moe must go.

And in it's place I now offer a new mantra more befitting to our current role within this struggle.

For is this not the season of angry men mowing lawns on Sunday afternoons?

Thus, I give you....

Mow is we.

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