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Bengals Release Ross


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i guess i will be the only one to miss the guy, and would just like to thank him for some of the memories. From the tiger-striped afro every training camp- to the season he stepped in for #56, after he blew out his knee and did a pretty good job. He also put a lick on Eddie George one year that you could compare to one of Ray Lewis' train-wrecks.... I hope he catched on somewhere and plays with the same tenacity and passion he did in the 'Nati!

:player: :player: :player:

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I have to agree with you guys!!! I like it. Another good move by the Brown Family. So, what is that--3 times they got something right in more than a decade???

I guess even a jackass can be king for one day (see George Bush--he's been "king" for 4 years).

In case you're wondering--the other 2 things the Browns got right:

1. CD trade (never in a 1,000,000,000 years did I think they would pull that one off)

2. Hiring of Marvin (obviously).

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Damn...............I saw it comin, but im still hurt. I always liked Adrian Ross. He was like the Kaesvirharn of the linebackers. A good backup. I thought Ross played good last year as a starter.....it's messed up he got hurt. I hope Ross gets an oppurtunity to get some significant PT on another team.

But if you look at the roster, it only makes sense.

Two other dudes that if get cut, I would be hurt :( is

Tony Stewart and T. J.

(hurt meaning...........I'd hate to see him go)

The Adrian Ross cut messed up my idea I was gonna run on Madden 2005. I was gonna add a 3-4 defensive playbook. That would have been nice. I woulda started Simmons, Hardy, Webster and Ross. .............oh well.

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Did they create any salary cap space by releasing Ross? We need to pick up a DT before the season starts.

From bengals.com....

" Another fact of NFL life in the move: Ross had been scheduled to make about $1 million this year, a salary you just don’t see many backups making. "

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I liked Ross, he played hard, and he played smart. I kept seeing this LB making plays during a couple of games last year and I wasn't sure who it was until I looked up the Jersey #...it was Ross. He was a capable LB, and a great backup, but I don't think he was better than Simmons, Hardy, or Webster. Strike that, I know he wasn't.

As for whats left, I'm wondering what we'll see out of Abdullah, and I hope that Miller and Johnson are the second coming of the Spikes and Simmons draft picks. Hopefully we'll be posting good things about them this year and only mentioning Ross if we notice that he happened to get picked up by someone.

In this day and age it doesn't pay to get too attached to players unless they are bona-fide superstars and the team won't move them. Guys bounce around the league all too often, and your left cheering for a new player in the same old Jerseys. I like TJ, I think he deserves a chance to play more often, and I hope a team picks him up that can use him, but the Bengals are too talented at WR to need his services, and I won't waste my energy mourning a player who gets cut.

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