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Deltha O'Neil II??

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Disclaimer: PFT based post.

Perhaps, the Bengals are looking for help at nickel CB if there's anything to this one.


Hey why not... Mediocre starting corners make great nickel corners...

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F*ck both of these guys...

Deltha O'Neil and Philip Buchanan? Really? Why the anger?

Both fall into the Old Washed Up Dude category that wouldn't do anymore than what we currently have.

Wasted money...

Well, I'm pretty sure Deltha's retired. The article just links the Bengals to Buchanan. It's only a minor item of interest if they're looking at nickel CB, which doesn't seem to be a high need to me. It just reminds me of the Deltha trade because he was a high pick who had underperformed and came here and became a pro bowler. Buchanan pretty much kicked ass for his rookie season and then fell off the face of the earth. Not sure why you'd say f*ck Deltha (unless you thought the article said the Bengals had interest in him which it does not) or Buchanan about that, but ... okay.

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I like the idea of a veteran corner to push M. Trent and fit in as a potential dime. Why the unhappiness?

Agreed. He should come cheap, I see it as another high reward / low risk scenario. At the very least he could provide depth.

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