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Hobson's spin


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"The irony of The Ocho lobbying for fellow receiver Terrell Owens is that the Bengals may have to look at extending Ochocinco rather than trying to ink a big money receiver like Owens or Broncos RFA Brandon Marshall." --- The Hobnob

Suddenly my morning coffee tastes slightly bitter, the air I breath seems a bit more stale, and if I'm not mistaken...my bowels just flopped.

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So we cant get a younger WR like Marshell or Boldin because we need extend chad? wtf...

quite the statement, huh?

whiskey tango foxtrot for sure.

F chad. let him go and go get Boldin AND Marshall. I am no student of the salary cap, but with no CAP, there can be no CAP HIT.

if we can't go get a WR because we need to extend Chad, then we surely can't redo JJoe or Leon because we'll need to extend Geathers...

idiots. and an idiot writer. madness.


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Yes, a perfect Hobson spin to start the ball rolling about why they can't sign a FA WR, ahead of time.

Mike - "Butch, put something on the web site that bascially says we can't sign a FA WR because we'll have to extend Chad first, and that will eat up our cap room, even though there won't be a cap, people will eat it up."

Hobknob - "Sounds good boss."

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