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[Learning is Cool] Awards at PBS on Saturday


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This past Saturday, Marvin Lewis hosted the 2008-2009 "Learning is Cool" awards at Paul Brown Stadium



My youngest was not eligible (in Kindergarten this year) but my 2nd grader was on the A Honor roll all year long, and so was one of the 2,511 students who received a medal from the players (Johnathan Joseph was the player in this case) and got their school picture taken with Marvin Lewis

Aside from the natural "My kid is an honor student" pride - I just wanted to mention - this was my first time ever inside St Paul's Cathedral

Too damn expensive for a co-owner (City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County taxpayer that I am) like me to go in otherwise

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A few other comments:

I think it would have impressed the kids more if they players were wearing at least a practice jersey with the numbers and colors. They were in casual street clothes. No biggie, not a complaint, just something I think they could have done better.

Chase Coffman was there, and my god, he looks like he is 7 feet tall - towered over everyone. Seriously. I cannot wait to see anyone cover him on high throws. I pray to god he can block - looks rail-thin.

Fui Vakapuna was there and he looks at wide as he is tall, and I mean that in a good way. Built like a freakin rock. His presence there tells me he has an inside edge to make this team at FB.

Although the invite pictures Thornton and Housh, they were not present. :-) Not a suprise at all.

Peko showed up late. Suprised me. I thought he'd have been first in line.

DeDe looks tiny. Of course, he was standing next to some very large teammates, but still

Brad Johanson announced the schools as they reached the podium, and the jumbotrons displayed each child's name (24 names at a time, each up for maybe 20 seconds or so). He did the announcing like a big-time wrestling announcer, which the kids really seemed to like, and made me chuckle too

There was free bottled water for all present, and the kids got free ice cream and a soda in addition to their medals (on a orange and black striped ribbon)

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I'll send a congrats as well, as Leaning IS cool, despite those without children that would consider that phrase to be on the "corny" side.

Any of our children reaching an important part in their development is always noteworthy, IMO.

As for the Bengals...imagine a 3rd and goal scenario inside the opponents 10 with Utecht, Coffman, Chad, Henry and Leonard/Scott/Benson on the field together.

If at least one of them can block effectively, a two TE set with guys that go about 6'6'' with an almost 6'5'' WR in Chrs Henry should be hard to defense, with multiple options on fades and the "Carl Pickens Jumpball Special".

One things for sure, I'll miss the Brandon Bennett/Kenny Watson shuffle-pass this year, although Scott or DeDe could be pretty dangerous on it.

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