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What network are you watching the draft on?

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I always find myself switching between the stations of ESPN and NFL Network.

My thing is there is a delay when watching in HD, so when the Bengals pick, I'll hear the pick sooner if the TV isn't in HD.

Anyone else have that problem ?? I have Direct TV and find that a bit annoying that there is a delay...

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I love the draft. I enjoy seeing what the other teams are getting and thinking about the improvements they have made and the teams we play this upcoming season. Especially our division foes. I really enjoy coming here and putting the draft day threads together and the conversation here is usually pretty good as well.

I have one buddy inparticular that is a draft nut. Check this out...

He's in Iraq right now and I got a note in the mail from him the other day. I was wondering why I was getting a note from him instead of an email. I open it up to find a few phone cards and his cell number. The note read that their camp was hit with a mortar, taking out their TV and internet access for a while. He wants me to call him and let him know what players his team picked. What team does he follow you ask ?? The New Orleans Saints !!!

How hardcore is that ?? Taking incoming, but worried about who your team gets in the draft !!! Harder than woodpecker lips right there !!!

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My situation is a little different as I doubt very much I'll be taking incoming fire from anyone other than my wife. That said, I always set my DVR to record both ESPN and the NFL Network and switch back whenever anything of interest happens. But my first choice has been the NFL Network's coverage for several years now, mostly due to my deep hatred for all things Chris Berman.

In short, f**k Chris Berman and f**k that Buffalo cab driver he keeps yammering on and on and on about.

Sadly, despite the ability to watch both networks I'm well aware whenever the Bengals are on the clock BOTH networks usually go to commercial break.

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This is the first draft I've had NFL network. so I'll probably be checking out NFL network to see what its like, but I prefer Kiper over Mayoc, so I'll probably stick with ESPN mostly.

I've always had mixed feeling about Mayock, but I admit as he's grown more popular and influential I think he's gone completely off the deep end. Worse, I fear there's no longer any water in the pool.

In the end the one thing that pisses me off the most with ALL of these so-called draft experts is the way they constantly shuffle their prospect rankings from day to day. If you were any kind of a draft expert that kind of thing wouldn't be needed, right?

For example, I just heard Kiper admit he had Percy Harvin ranked in the 30's, then bumped him to 17 after his Pro Day, then dropped him back into the 30's shortly after the memory of that workout began to fade. I'm guessing that type of yanking and jerking is only done for televison ratings and website hits. And when those things are as important as they've become you obviously need to say something different every stinking day, especially now that the draft has become a three or four months long media gab fest.

As for the NFL Network, the single greatest reason I tune in to their coverage is because I appreciate the analysis of people who have actually worked in the NFL (Casserly, Billick, etc) more than the opinions of ESPN's cadre of well known media types.( Boomer, Mort, Sal Pal, etc.)

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